Standard Chartered International Graduate Program | Web


Lead UX/UI designer


Standard Chartered


August – September 2017


Standard Chartered Bank receives over 150k applications to their International Graduate Program every year. These are fresh graduates making their first major career decision and considering taking that next step of their lives with Standard Chartered.

As such SCB wanted to revamp the website to better serve these graduates and to guide them through a difficult process. In particular, it needed to cater to people who have not had any experience in finance, and were seeking more knowledge about the industry, career path, and company they'd like to work for.

Importantly, we wanted to illustrate the values and vision of a bank that is:

- Here for progress

- Here for people

- Here for the long run

- Here for good.

I designed the full UX/UI of the website, with the objectives of:

- Informing applicants about what it means to work at SCB and in the finance industry

- Engaging with applicants during their onboarding process through authentic storytelling

- Amplifying SCB's core brand message, "Good happens here", and

- Ultimately, helping them to make the right decision.

As SCB wanted a way to help users understand themselves, their strengths, and passions, and to then match that to the type of work they could do at the bank, we designed the ‘Streamfinder’. A quiz wizard that elicits where a user’s interests lie and which career streams may interest them the most.