Face of Blindness | Web


Lead UX/UI designer


Standard Chartered x Seeing is Believing


September – November 2017


There are 285 million visually impaired people worldwide yet 80% of blindness can be treated or prevented. To raise funds for their global preventable blindness charity, Seeing is Believing, Standard Chartered sent 40 employees to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. We needed a digital fundraising idea which linked the Kilimanjaro fundraising climb with the phenomenon of preventable blindness and persuaded the public to make a measurable difference in the lives of blind people. And we needed it to be iconic, appealing, and shareable.


To give a face to the global affliction of sight loss, the art direction team came up with a black and white visual identity, a key visual that blended the image of an actual blind person's face with a mountain, and the mechanic of more of the face being restored the more donations were received.

From there, my UX task was to design a microsite that:

• houses the "Face of Blindness" campaign

• introduces the work of 'Seeing is Believing' – Standard Chartered's global initiative to eradicate avoidable blindness

• humanises the cause by showing real-life recipients whose lives have been positively transformed

• outlines how donations are spent, and finally

• is streamlined for user action, including donating, sharing on social, and using a custom-framed profile picture.

We wanted to visualise the climb's fundraising success in real time as a means to encourage donations, so I designed an interactive donation slider at the very top, showing specific, tangible figures for the impact of a donor's contribution, as well as revealing more of the face as donations progressed. Simultaneously, I also needed to highlight that Standard Chartered would be matching all donations 1:1. By the end of the campaign, users would be able to fully see visible, functioning eyes on the face of the boy.

Sidebar navigation menu

Donation drawer provides a recap of the matched amount, funding impact, and a CTA button leading to the fundraising platform, JustGiving.