KFC Golden Fortune Bucket Campaign | UX


UX designer




Nov 2016


UX research and design

Designed the UX of a mobile web app for KFC’s Chinese New Year “Golden Fortune Chicken Bucket” campaign. Customers who buy a bucket can enter a multiple-round lucky draw with their friends by scanning the QR code printed on the bucket to enter the game lobby and ‘connect’ their phones in a ring. The players then position their phones in a circle, and watch as a chicken runs from phone to phone, laying eggs that hatch to reveal prizes or penalties.

User flow | From hearing about the game, to playing it in-store, to redeeming the prizes, and sharing it online.

User flow and mobile wireframes of in-game screens

Prototyping how it works. Players connect their phones via our mobile web app and a chicken runs around from phone to phone, laying eggs that hatch into prizes for the lucky ones.

The final UI screens