The official, tri-lingual website for the HKPGA, with (i) a member dashboard where players can view their past tournament results, sign up for upcoming tournaments and leave anonymous feedback; (ii) a tournament management system that allows HKPGA to manage tournament players and play states, as well as display an automatically generated Order of Merit ranking; and (iii) a Professionals Directory that allow the general public to filter and view the profiles of professional players and certified trainers.

Built with Foundation for the frontend, AngularJS for templating and data-binding, and Firebase as the database / backend as a service.

• • •

HKPGA needed a modern, formal website that reflects its professionalism and helps its current and future users to seamlessly navigate to the sections that are relevant to them. Whether they are tournament players, members, junior golfers, or members of the press,the site should cater to their informational needs.

  • Role Designer • Front-end Web developer
  • For The Hong Kong Professional Golfers' Association
  • Date July – December 2014
  • Type Web design • Code (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • URL