Face of Blindness | Web

There are 285 million visually impaired people worldwide yet 80% of blindness can be treated or prevented. To raise funds for their global preventable blindness charity, Seeing is Believing, Standard Chartered sent 40 employees to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. We needed a digital fundraising idea which linked the Kilimanjaro climb with blindness and persuaded the public to make a measurable difference to the lives of blind people.

To give a face to the global affliction of sight loss and visualise the climb’s fundraising success, we created The Face Of Blindness microsite, fusing the images of an actual blind person’s face with a mountain. The more donations received, the more the face was restored until we see visible, functioning eyes, incentivising the community to give to the cause. An interactive donation slider shows tangible figures of how many blind peoples' sight a donor’s contribution could help restore.